About us

The clinic was originally formed by naturopaths Noel Nile and Kat Birrell, with consultation and treatment rooms in Ladbroke Grove, West London and Richmond Green, West London. Prior to this Noel Nile had worked with the late great Dr Hesham El Essawy, the naturopath and holistic dentist who broke new ground with his approach to remedy imprinting and its combination with Rife therapy. Later, Kat Birrell was successfully treated by Dr Essawy and went on to become a practitioner herself. Today the clinic boasts three naturopaths, two consultant doctors and two part time nurses. The staff’s years of collective experience encompasses a wide variety of treatment options and approaches. Corpus Naturalis Clinic currently has premises in Central London and Surrey.

Noel Nile

Kat Birrell

Dr Hesham El Essawy