Rife Therapy Treatments

Rife therapy get its name from the late scientist Royal Rife. After building the first ultra high magnification microscope, Rife experimented with different frequency wavelengths to see their effect on various bacteria and viruses he placed on slides under the microscope lens. Thousands of hours of research followed. Subsequently this led to him recording all of the successful combinations discovered. Each combination or single frequency noted was found to shatter the cell walls of the particular bacterium or virus he was studying. This was the birth of Rife technology.

Since that time, Rife machines have been utilized all over the world for the purposes of research and experimentation. Although no official health claims are made for Rife technology, testimonials from the last eighty years indicate an incredible efficacy.


Clients simply sit in a chair, with their feet on footplates. In their lap they hold a pair of glass tubes called plasma tubes. These are simply a medium for the radio wave forms generated. Rife therapy is painless and non-invasive. An average session takes 2 hours. Sometimes a beam ray tube is used instead of the hand tubes.


If you are in the South East or Greater London area, you can book a session in our London rooms.