After three months of visiting you there now appears to be no trace of my Epstein Barr. I am so grateful to the clinic.

Mrs W. Hudson, Guildford, Surrey

My sister now appears to be in remission. Thank you so much

Mr B. Gilbertson, Reading, Berks

I must admit I didn’t know what to make of all your machines at first. But now I am a believer! The lymph issue is gone and the other test has come back negative. I would willingly recommend your approach to anyone.

Ms. J. Jansen, Maida Vale, London

Thank you Noel for all you did for my wife. We have a future now.

Mr K. Hussain, Charlton, London

The colon is still not quite right but the bloating and the liver issues are so much better now. We’ll come back for the re-testing in six weeks but are much more optimistic now.

Mrs. M. Lodge, Richmond, London

Although we have eventually lost Mary, we are mindful of the fact she lived for another two years because of your protocols.

Ms. M. Thurlow, Bromley, Kent

The protocol you laid out for us...the herbs, the special sulphate and the bioenergetic machine treatments, really have turned things around.

Mr & Mrs T. Paine, High Wycombe, Bucks

After quite a slow runway, the remedies you imprinted from your machine are starting to really work. I feel better than I have for a long time. Using the molecular hydrogen with the homeopathic remedy does, as you said, seem to work at a cellular level. My energy levels have gone right up. Thank you.

Ms. J. Fadden, Shepherds Bush, London