CNC ( Corpus Naturalis Clinic ) offers a broad range of treatments. This also includes preventative regimes and post treatment programmes. After initial consultation or screening, a protocol is established and may include any of the following therapies:


The old adage ‘ You are what you eat ’ still rings true today and changing eating ( or drinking )  habits can sometimes ring in great changes to someone’s level of health and vitality. We may go over some of your regular dietary intake and suggest modifying some aspects. Additionally, the use of vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements can replace missing nutrients. Good nutrition supports the body and, in some circumstance, can counter the physical effects of stress.


For the more serious conditions we offer herbal regimes, homeopathic remedies, specially prepared remedies and specialist intravenous drips. On the bioenergetic front, to support the body, we choose from Rife machines, magnetic field therapy and some heat devices. It should be noted that the use of Rife machines is done on an experimental or research basis and no health claims are made by the clinic for these devices. The clinic also utilises molecular hydrogen therapy and several other modalities.


We offer a wide range of natural options and modalities for other conditions...everything from ladies’ problems to prostate problems, from osteoporosis to adrenal stress, from digestive tract issues to liver malfunctions. We can also offer intravenous vitamin and amino acid drips.


The word detoxification  covers a wide variety of conditions and approaches. Most people associate the term with Heavy Metals. However, there are a number of other one’s...including Lymph Drainage, Liver Detoxification, Radiation, Heart Plaque Removal and Gastrointestinal Tract Detoxification. We can advise on the correct cleansing protocol for you and can provide a broad range of detox agents.


Over the last ten years there has been a spike in three areas of physical conditions...Auto-Immune Disease, Lyme Disease and Cancer. We can but speculate on the reasons behind this but at CNC we continue to research and introduce new protocols and approaches to support the body in addressing these conditions and to improve quality of life.


Not everybody that visits a natural medicine clinic has an existing condition. Many people are simply looking for ways to maintain their good health or perhaps raise their immune system response. As the years go by this can sometimes be more of a challenge. But young people too, want to maintain their physical prowess, especially if they are involved with sports. At CNC we can test, advise and create individual protocols that encompass your own health goals.

Home Visits

For clients who may have difficulty attending the clinic we can, given enough notice, arrange home visits. Costs depend on location… we do occasionally provide long distance visits when it is a serious illness. Please call or email us to discuss. E: T: 0203 633 4086

Online Consultations

In today’s internet age, distance need no longer be a barrier. So clients requiring assessment, advice on protocols and options etc can now book an online consultation. To find out more, please call or email us. E: T: 0203 633 4086

Overseas Referrals

Occasionally we have clients that require natural treatment protocols that are neither available at the clinic or within the UK. We have relationships with several clinics overseas, both in Europe and further afield and can often advise and arrange treatment trips to these institutions. Stem cell therapy, hyperthermia and oxidation spas are amongst the many options available.  
E: T: 0203 633 4086

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